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PPassKeeper Gains Support for Module Parameters

PPassKeeper, my main project, intends to become a plugin-based portable way to store passwords in a secure and easy fashion.

The API for getting and setting passwords is quite simple and is good for modules like the Gnome-Keyring or the KWallet but there are some cases where this simplicity is just disastrous. For instance, for modules like WebDAV or LDAP (these modules have not been coded yet). In fact, there are loads of parameters needed by some modules and the only way they had was to use configuration files.

This time is over as PPassKeeper now provides a way to handle parameters !

1) How parameters can change the look and feel of a simple ‘Ask for Pass’ module

Here is how AskForPass_Qt used to be :

Now, let’s see some parameter we could change :

As you can see, I am able to display the image I want for every entry type. Also, thanks to custom texts, We are able to translate the window (the translation support will come in the beta 3).

Now, let’s look the new style :

Yeah!! It looks way nicer! Also, I translated the title and the content to French :) This could be used by distributions to have a better integration in their GUI.

2) Features

I may talk about them in depth a bit later, but, here are the major features :

  • Supports two backend: The Linux registry Elektra and a simple XML file.
  • Instant changes: Change a parameter and the concerned module will be directly advertised. No need to restart all your applications.
  • Easy interface: Hair is great on heads, not in hands!

3) What are the plans now ?

Now we got this working, we’ll change AskForPass_GTK to provide the same features as the Qt version. We will also start working on a WebDAV or an LDAP module.

You may also find another way to use this system, feel free to let us know ;)

4) Conclusion

This change allows a greater interactivity with users, provide better Desktop integration possibilities and will allow the use of LDAP or WebDAV module. So, isn’t it a major milestone in the projet ? Hope you are as exited as we are :)